МАЗ 650128-8520-005

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  • Product Code: 650128-8520-005
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Main specifications
All specifications
Model: МАЗ-650128-520-005
Permissible total weight: 33500 кг
Technically permissible load capacity: 19700 кг
Body volume: 20 м3
Engine model: WP12.430E50
Dump truck
Model МАЗ-650128-520-005
Permissible total weight 33500 кг
Technically permissible load capacity 19700 кг
Body volume 20 м3
Engine model WP12.430E50
Engine power 316 (430)kW (hp)
KPP ZF 16S2520TO
Maximum speed 85 km / h (with speed limiter)
Unloading type back
Wheel formula 6 х 4