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Road brush / disks for brush

Ordering spare parts from our manager
Spare parts:
Tel.: (067) 325-95-54 (запчасти для дорожно-строительной и коммунальной техники), (067) 406-69-66 (коммунальной техники)
Shipment of spare parts by carriers


Steel and polypropylene discs for brushes to КДМ, КО-713/ЗИЛ, КАМАЗ/, КО-707, КО-812/МТЗ, ЛТЗ, Т-40/, КО-718, УСБ-25/Т-25, Т-30 combined road machines, assembled brushes, ring spacers, demountable shafts.Disks consist of polypropylene or metal piles crimped by a hub with internal stud for fixing on the brushshaft.The most common sizes of disks - 120/550 mm, 101/400 mm, 180/600 (700) mm, 280/700 mm. It is also available the pilesfor coiled brushes.

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