Sludge pumping machine KO-503-IV-10

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Recommended chassis: МАЗ 6312
Cistern volume: 10 м3
Pump performance: 730 м3/H
Max. absorption depth: 6,5 метра
Cistern lifting angle: 60 град
Sludge pumping machine KO-503-IV-10 equipped with a tank, drive pump, hydraulic, electric and pneumatic systems, suction boom, as well as additional special equipment. Control is carried out remotely, and unloading is done by overturning the tank.
Recommended chassis МАЗ 6312
Cistern volume 10 м3
Pump performance 730 м3/H
Max. absorption depth 6,5 метра
Cistern lifting angle 60 град
Cistern filling speed 7-10 min
Cistern discharging speed 35 м 3/H
Weight of equipment не больше 4300 кг
number of formula 6 х 4