• Brand: МАЗ
  • Product Code: 6516С9-521-005
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Main specifications
All specifications
Model: МАЗ-6516С9-521-005
Permissible total weight: 44 800 кг
Technically permissible load capacity: 28 500 кг
Body volume: 21 м3
Engine model: ЯМЗ-653.10
Dump truck
Model МАЗ-6516С9-521-005
Permissible total weight 44 800 кг
Technically permissible load capacity 28 500 кг
Body volume 21 м3
Engine model ЯМЗ-653.10
Engine power 420 (hp)
KPP ZF 16S2525ТО
Maximum speed 85 km / h (with speed limiter)
Unloading type back
Wheel formula 8 х 4