Windrow Turner MBA 4512G

  • Brand: Pronar
  • Product Code: P4512
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Main specifications
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Dimensions (l/w /h), mm: 4000/5170/4600
Efficiency, m3/h: 3000
Engine: Volvo
Engine power, kW: 160
Max. hight of prism, mm: 2200

The Pronar Mobile Windrow Turner MBA 4512g is used to optimize the parameters of the biological compost decomposition on heaps to accelerate this process by releasing excess heat, allowing water to evaporate, or wetting the material, aerating and loosening the dropped waste. The shaft with a diameter of 1.2 m allows to achieve a capacity of approximately 3000 m3 per hour of compost on prisms up to 4.5 m wide and up to 2.2 m high. The shaft can rotate at speeds of up to 220 rpm. The choice of direction can be changed at any time by the user, also during work. The knives of the shifting shaft, plowshares, slides of the scraping wings and plowshares of the rear stripping scraper are made of high-resistant steel, thanks to which their service life is increased. – Air conditioning and heating system ensure comfort at any temperature, and the air cleaning system in the cabin (meeting the EN-15695 standard cat. 4) guarantees clean air without dust and odors from the outside.

Windrow Turner
Dimensions (l/w /h), mm 4000/5170/4600
Efficiency, m3/h 3000
Engine Volvo
Engine power, kW 160
Max. hight of prism, mm 2200
Max. widht of prism, mm 4500
Shaft diameter, mm 1200
Speed of the shaft, rpm 0-220
Total weight, kg 14 500